Our History

Geswein Insurance Agency was established in 1990 with a basic philosophy. We exist to serve our customers and we provide World Class Service to customers who expect MORE from their Insurance Advisor. That same belief holds true today. Our Associates live by this principle and it reflects in everything they do. From understanding exposures to coverage recommendations to handling claims, our work isn't complete until our customers are satisfied. We like to say we "service the claim before it happens." With our unique approach to understanding exposures, we develop a program that allows our customers to rest easy. They know what to expect should a claim occur. This "peace of mind" is our goal. If you expect MORE from your Insurance Advisor, give us a call.

Why Us

Purchasing insurance can be tricky. Most businesses don't really know what they have until there is a claim. We remove the unknown. Our customers are prepared and understand what to expect before a loss occurs. We can prepare you as well.