Insuring Condominium Associations in Columbus, Newark, Dublin, Lewis Center, Powell, Grove City and Beyond

Condo Association


Unlike homeowners, condominium owners often opt to purchase a condo for the decreased maintenance and responsibility. However, while each condo owner is accountable for their individual unit, they do have a responsibility for the up-keep of common structures and areas. They then belong to a condominium association to help offset these responsibilities.

Whether overseeing a high-rise building in the city or townhomes in the suburbs, each association has a unique set of documents dictating how the association will operate. These documents, along with state laws, provide the association with a guideline for purchasing insurance.  At Geswein Insurance Agency, we carefully review each association’s documents to ensure that our insurance programs meet their needs in terms of products, limits, and deductibles. We are equipped to write policies for community associations in Columbus, Delaware, and all of Central Ohio.

Liability, Buildings and Structures, Fidelity Insurance and More

After identifying the exposures unique to each association, we then turn to trusted carriers such as Nationwide, Greater New York, and C.N.A. to match our clients with the perfect coverage. Once we have a policy in place, we conduct routine reviews to ensure it still meets each association’s needs.

We insure associations with the following coverage:

  • Building & Structures
  • Water Backup
  • Ordinance or Law
  • General Liability
  • Hired Auto Liability
  • Non Owned Auto Liability
  • Fidelity – Employee Dishonesty
  • Coverage for Non-Compensated Officers
  • Coverage for Management Company
  • Directors and Officers
  • Coverage for Committee Members
  • Coverage for Management Company
  • Umbrella Coverage

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Knowledgeable Agents Working For Your Association

As a vendor member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), we maintain a pulse on the industry by developing relationships with property managers, board members and those in legislature. This helps us stay in tune with the needs and concerns of our customers.

We have developed a competitive pricing structure and have worked hard to offer the products communities need most. Our agency owner, Jerry Geswein, has 26 years of experience in writing insurance for community associations. In addition to writing coverage, Jerry and the rest of our staff will work together with communities to assess their risk and provide them loss control recommendations.

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